BG SS 2000 Lubricating Grease

SKU: 608
BG SS 2000 Lubricating Grease
BG SS 2000 Lubricating Grease

BG SS 2000 Lubricating Grease

SKU: 608
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High operating temperatures and difficult-to-access locations require a long-lasting grease that can protect against wear and corrosion.

BG SS 2000 is a technologically advanced lubricating grease. It performs exceptionally well in automotive, marine, and industrial environments. BG SS 2000 can be applied with complete confidence in hot or cold temperatures, dry conditions, with light or heavy loads. Use BG SS 2000 in electric motors and other applications where low conductive properties are necessary.

BG SS 2000 protects against wear and rust, and provides excellent seal compatibility. It is very shear stable and compatible with many materials, which permits mixture with other soap-based greases. High dropping point in excess of 500°F (260°C) and outstanding low-temperature mobility makes BG SS 2000 the grease for all seasons.

Volume Options Part Number
14 oz 608
1 lb 6081
35 lbs 60835


Use in accordance with equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this product.

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