BG MVP3 Coolant Exchanger

SKU: E101-3022
BG MVP3 Coolant Exchanger

BG MVP3 Coolant Exchanger

SKU: E101-3022
Regular price $4,961.26

The BG MVP3 performs an effective BG Cooling System Service, exchanging worn-out coolant for fresh, new coolant. Equipped with two new-fluid tanks and one used-fluid tank, this machine allows technicians to move seamlessly between reservoirs and complete a cooling system service in less time with less effort.

Item weight: 114 lbs


  • Capability to store two coolant types
  • Single ball valve tank selection
  • Air mixer on both new-fluid tanks
  • Locking front casters
  • Two cone adaptors to fit most vehicles
  • One tube size means no guessing on tube length
  • No disconnecting and reconnecting between the engine and the machine
  • Handheld dispenser controls the entire service at the vehicle
  • 360-degree view of fluid levels
  • Intuitive operation with handheld dispenser
  • Two lines run to the dispenser, so no intermixing of new/used fluid
  • Move seamlessly from one reservoir to the next
  • No pumps or impellers to replace
  • Compatible with any vehicle with a coolant system, including hybrid electric and electric vehicles (HEVs and EVs)

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this equipment.

Instructions must be read and understood before attempting to use the BG MVP3 Coolant Exchanger.

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