BG In-Force

SKU: 438
BG In-Force

BG In-Force

SKU: 438
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BG In-Force has an ion-activated formula that permeates metal better than standard-formula penetrating oils. Under the most severe conditions, the foaming action provides constant lubrication while minimizing run-off, re­ducing waste, and attacking the tough, rusted areas. BG In-Force stops rust! It lubricates and frees rusted parts. It can also be used in assembly applications to treat metal before rust has a chance to form. An effective corrosion-inhibiting lubricant designed for a multitude of metallic surfaces. Including but not limited to; locks, sliding assemblies, hinges, firearms, and braided cables.

Volume Options Part Number
3 oz aerosol 4383
15.75 oz aerosol 438


Spray onto rusted, corroded, or frozen parts and allow a few moments for penetrating action. Tapping the part helps to further accelerate the penetrating action. In unusually difficult situations, repeat the procedure.  

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