BG HCF Waterproof Spray Lubricant

SKU: 498
BG HCF Waterproof Spray Lubricant

BG HCF Waterproof Spray Lubricant

SKU: 498
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BG HCF Waterproof Spray Lubricant is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is unbelievably tough and stays where you need lubrication in temperatures as high as 550°F (288°C), where it is exposed to harsh chemicals such as acids or caustics, under water, and in salt water environments. Because of its inherent extreme pressure characteristics, BG HCF provides superior lubrication under heavy loads, on cables, cable pulleys, fishing reels, hinges or any metal component where sliding friction occurs. 

Use BG HCF as a protective film for metal surfaces exposed to salt water or salt air. Sprayed in a thin film, BG HCF is a highly effective rust and corrosion protector for boat trailers, trailer hitches and marine components such as in-board engines, plow shares, snow shovels, garden implements and stored metal parts. 

As an assembly lubricant, it provides tough, enduring lubrication as well as rust protection for marine engines, and other marine mechanisms. BG HCF is outstanding as an automotive body parts lubricant for door hinges, hood latches, strikers, hood and trunk locks and seat tracks. BG HCF is an excellent chain lubricant for bicycles, forklifts and industrial chain drives. Use on open gears, fifth wheels, sticking or squeaking doors, overhead doors, conveyor rollers, and for a variety of marine, farm, home and industrial applications where superior lubri­cation and corrosion protection is desired.

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16 oz aerosol 498


Shake well before using. Spray at room temperature (approximately 70°F (21 °C)). Surface to be treated should be clean, dry, and free of contaminants. Apply a thin coat to provide protection against rust or corrosion. Apply a more-generous coat under extreme temperature ranges or pressure requirements. After use, invert the can and spray for 2 seconds to clear the valve and tube. 

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this product. 

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