BG Universal Frigi-Quiet®

SKU: 7018
BG Universal Frigi-Quiet®
BG Universal Frigi-Quiet®

BG Universal Frigi-Quiet®

SKU: 7018
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Used with the Mechanical Additive Injector Tool, BG Frigi-Quiet® for R-134a ensures quieter, cooler compressor operation and prolongs compressor life in R-134a refrigerant systems. 

Recommended for use in R-134a, R-22, and CO2 refrigerant systems. It is compatible with mineral oil, PAG, and ester lubricants and can be safely used in compressors requiring lubricants ranging in viscosity from ISO 46 to ISO 100.

Volume Options Part Number
2 fl oz 701
8 fl oz 7018
1 gallon 7011


When oil is required, add 2 oz. (59 mL) BG Frigi-Quiet® for R-134a to the system. CAUTION: Do not overcharge the system or damage may result. Not recommended for use in electric-hybrid A/C systems. When installing a new compressor or retrofitting a system, install BG Frigi-Quiet for R-134a in the amount required by the system manufacturer.

This product is not approved for use in systems containing HFO-1234yf refrigerant.

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this product.

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