BG Frigi-Fresh® Fragrance Free

SKU: 7073
BG Frigi-Fresh® Fragrance Free

BG Frigi-Fresh® Fragrance Free

SKU: 7073
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BG Frigi-Fresh® Fragrance Free contains a hospital-grade disinfectant with the power to kill viruses and infection-causing bacteria like MRSA. It is designed to control mold and mildew that grow in the evaporator and within the vehicle’s A/C system. Deodorizers keep the vehicle interior smelling clean.

BG Frigi-Fresh is an EPA registered bactericidal—staphylocidal, pseudomonicidal, fungicidal—spray disinfectant (EPA Reg. No. 44446-20-67145).

Volume Options Part Number
1 oz aerosol 7073


With the engine running, turn the A/C on with the fan at maximum speed. Be sure the A/C is pulling outside air. Spray BG Frigi-Fresh into the air intake vent. Hold the can 8–12 inches (20–30 cm) above the vent while spraying 4–6 seconds. Shut off the engine and A/C after applying the product.

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this product.

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