BG Frigi-Charge® for R-134a

SKU: 704
BG Frigi-Charge® for R-134a

BG Frigi-Charge® for R-134a

SKU: 704
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BG Frigi-Charge® for R-134a consists of a proprietary synthetic additive system and R-134a refrigerant. It helps extend compressor life by reducing friction and operating temperatures. Green fluorescent dye helps diagnose and pinpoint system leaks. Not corrosive or harmful to painted surfaces.

It can be safely used in all R-134a systems requiring lubricants ranging in viscosity from ISO 46 to ISO 100.

Volume Options Part Number
2 oz aerosol 704


BG Frigi-Charge® for R-134a and R-134a refrigerants are added to the A/C system in a similar manner: 

1. Start the engine and adjust the A/C system to maximum cooling.
2. Attach BG Frigi-Charge® for R-134a to an approved R-134a dispensing valve and quick connect hose, with the dispensing valve needle in the “up” position.
3. Attach the quick connect end to the low-pressure side. CAUTION: Do not connect to the high-pressure side.
4. Hold the can upside down, puncture the threaded opening with the needle valve, and return the needle to the “up” position.
5. Allow the contents to empty into the A/C system.

This product is not approved for use in systems containing HFO-1234yf refrigerant. Not recommended for electric-hybrid A/C systems. 

Use in accordance with equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this product.

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