BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration

SKU: 2581
BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration

BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration

SKU: 2581
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BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration, used with the BG 12Q VIA®, removes and disperses accumulated hydrocarbon deposits from the diesel air intake and emissions system. Its unique low-smoke, low-odor formula keeps all system components, including costly DPFs, clean and functioning properly.

Complies with the federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles. Safe for catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, and oxygen sensors. Contains no alcohol.

Volume Options Part Number
1 gallon 2581


Use only with BG specified tools and adaptors. Follow service instructions explicitly. Misuse causes serious engine damage. Altering this product by diluting or mixing with other products can cause serious damage.

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this product.

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