BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner

SKU: 402
BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner

BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner

SKU: 402
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BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner removes brake fluid, grease, oil, moisture, and other residue from both drum and disc type assemblies. Disassembling the brake unit is not necessary when using BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner. It displaces moisture and effectively cleans and dries distributor parts, spark plugs, magnetos, electrical contacts and relays. BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner evapo­rates quickly and completely.

Volume Option Part Number
19.75 oz aerosol 402


SHAKE WELL before using. Spray liberally on areas to be cleaned and allow to run off. Allow to air-dry or wipe with a soft, clean cloth. If necessary, repeat the application. After cleaning, all parts requiring lubrication should be relubricated.

Caution: Solvents tend to cause paint, rubber, plastics, and some synthetics to swell or soften. These items should be protected during application. Immediately use water to rinse off overspray. 

BG Products, Inc., accepts no liability for excessive use or misuse of this product.

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